Expert Consultation Advice and Professional Visa Services

If you intend to migrate to Australia, the professionals at ASC Migration provide the most up-to-date and cutting-edge immigration advice and solutions.

Begin your journey to Australia by choosing one of the fantastic services below which will develop and enhance the most pertinent aspects of your application.

Any fees remitted will be Fully Credited towards your visa application fee if you choose ASC Migration to lodge your visa. (conditions apply)

Please note, if you have already had a refusal, we can help. Please choose the "In-person, Skype or Phone Consultation" from the options below and we can discuss the details of your matter.

The options to gauge your eligibility to be granted an Australia visa are as follows;

  • Choose a 'Consultation'. These are 30-minute Telephone -Skype® or In-Person (Perth only) conversations with a migration professional. Or you may wish to correspond with us Online by using our unique 'Question and Answer' template. Just complete the form below and purchase the requisite service you require. 


  • For advanced specific and definitive advice regarding an individual visa category or subclass matter please purchase;

    An 'Eligibility Analysis'  which will gauge each applicant's current immigration status and suitability to be granted an Australia visa and/or to be professionally 'Skills Assessed'.


    If you intend to lodge your own application, purchase one of the following DIY products such as; 

  • A 'Migration Checklist' which will inform you of the criteria and all the support documents each applicant will require. 


  • A 'Pre-Lodgement Reviewif you have completed your application and you would like a detailed report prepared by a migration professional before you lodge it.

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'Consultations' provide specific advice and a detailed preliminary evaluation of each applicant's eligibility, how to address weaknesses (if any) and the average processing time an application may take. Also, your 'Consultation' cost will be fully credited if ASC Migration is engaged within seven (7) days to process your visa application.

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'Professional Visa Services'
Provide detailed and visa specific information and/or a complete analysis of visa evidentiary requirements. Also, this cost will be fully credited if ASC Migration is engaged within thirty (30) days to process your complete visa application.


If you order an "Expert Consultation" or a "Professional Visa Service" and you then subsequently engage ASC Migration to process your application, any costs you have remitted (*excepted) can be fully credited. Consequently these services would be "FREE"

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