Business Visas require very special care and attention. They are one of the most difficult type of visas to get hold of and require an agent with a significant level of experience.

A business visa is one for those who wish to start a business, run a business, invest in Australia or are employed within the highest levels of a company in Australia.

The processing times are quite varied but extreme care must be taken when putting together the application to ensure that it has the very best chance of success.

Take your career and wealth to new heights in Australia.

In order to be approved for Business Visas, applicants must meet specific requirements regarding age, income, assets and other factors. Due to the detailed nature of applications for Business Visas, most businesses and professionals seeking a visa in this category enlist the help of an expert migration agent such as those at ASC Migration to ensure the best possible chance of approval.

ASC Migration, we are well-versed in assisting applicants in need of Investor Visas, Senior Executive Visas, Business Owner Visas and visas for those with an established business in Australia. Because of this experience, we are well-equipped to assist you with your particular case in a personalised manner.

Each of the Business Visas listed on this page can also be applied for through State/Territory Sponsorship or Regional establishment. Your professional circumstances and personal needs are the main factors in determining which type of visa is right for you. We will work with you to make this decision and take the stress out of the application process.

You can take the first step in obtaining a Business Visa by completing an Eligibility Analysis, which will allow us to understand your eligibility for a Business Innovation and Investor visa.

It's important to note that no migration agent can guarantee a visa application will be successful, although 100% of our clients stated they would recommend using our services to their friends and family which will give you the confidence to know that you are in good hands with ASC Migration.

*By choosing ASC Migration to lodge your Visa application, you can save thousands of dollars compared to other migration agents. See our Fees and Costs page for more information.