For migrants intending to process their own visa application

ASC Migration provides different levels of professional assistance packages such as;

1.Visa Eligibility Analysis 

2Migration Checklists and 

3Pre-Lodgement Review

When lodging your own application you should purchase one of these comprehensive support packages.

Nowadays, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection fees and Assessment Authority fees are so costly that purchasing one of these products is a good investment. For instance a Skilled Independent visa application for 2 adults and 2 children will cost you $7040. So, if you make a mistake you may forfeit a lot of money. 

Our Visa Eligibility Analysis evaluates each applicant's eligibility to apply for a visa before they do so.

Our Migration Checklist bundle provides  all the information a DIY applicant needs including comprehensive support document lists.

Our Pre-Lodgement Review package provides  a comprehensive and detailed report on every part of your intended application and what you need to do to enhance it.

Remember, application fees are costly and non-refundable, but you can lessen the risk of loss if you purchase one of these products, ensuring you have all the information and documents required to make a valid visa application.

DIY Processing Options

Pre-Lodgement Review

The Pre-Lodgement review service provides a detailed assessment and evaluation of your intended application. A report will be prepared which is specific to each requirement so that a valid visa application can be made.

The Pre-Lodgement Review package also provides you with 2 calendar months of email consultation with a migration professional so that you can contact your appointed advisor for any professional guidance needed.

Additionally, this professional DIY Self-Processing package also includes for one 20 minute telephone conversation (using Skype where available) once in each calendar month.

This package is comprehensive and affords the DIY applicant an abundance of information required to lodge their own application. The fee for the Pre-Migration Application Review package is AUD$792. Order here