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Migration program focusing on regional Australia

Migration program focusing on regional Australia

The population pressure in the major cities has put focus on the Migration Program in regional areas.

160,323 visas were granted in 2018-19 under the ‘Australia-wide’ Permanent Migration Program and also delivered 8987 places under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme which was up from 6,221 places in 2017-18 – a 44 per cent increase. Going forward, it is further planned this will increase again as the new focus is on regional migration.

The migration program also continues to focus on growing the Australian economy and filling skills gaps, with 109,713 visas granted under the Skill stream of the 2018-19 program – about 70 per cent of the program as “Skilled migrants have high employment participation rates, low unemployment rates and good annual earnings.

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International Students

The Australian Government will reclassify Perth as regional for international students from November 16th, 2019

This emphasises the importance of international students to the culture, diversity, and economy (particularly in Western Australia) and identifies international education as a government priority.

Perth has the capacity and the appetite to grow and welcomes more international students, who are seeking a world-class education in a world-class city. This announcement is great news for students from around the globe who are looking to learn, live and launch their careers in Western Australia.

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Skilled Regional Visas

Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast are now regarded as ‘Regional’ for migration purposes. Basically, all of Australia is regional except Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, not but don’t forget that the rural NSW and Melbourne will still qualify.

From the 16th of November, there will be access to 25,000 regional places for priority processing for regional visas on the Regional Occupations List – This means more jobs compared to non-regional lists.

International students studying at regional universities will be eligible to access an additional year in Australia on a post-study work visa and in some cases up to 2 additional years. This could give an International student up to 4 years on a SC485 student graduate visa.

Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMAs) will also receive priority processing in negotiating region-specific employer-sponsored visas.

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Regional Students (including Perth)

The Australian Government will classify Perth as a regional centre for international students.

Also, the Western Australian Government announced the State Nomination Migration Program (SNMP) graduate stream will be extended to include vocational education and training (VET) graduates who complete a qualification in Western Australia at Certificate III level or above.

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Points Tested Migration

For points based skilled migration and business innovation and investment visa programs, you will be ranked according to the appropriate points test. You will be able to submit an EOI even if you do not meet the pass mark; however, you will not be invited to apply for a visa.

Meeting the points test therefore is an important part of applying for a visa as is developing a strategy or a pathway to gaining additional points if you fail to meet the pass mark.

It is important to remember that meeting the points test pass mark does not guarantee you an invitation to apply for a visa.

If you select the Employer Nomination or Regional visa(s) you will receive the appropriate points for nomination or sponsorship. For example if you select the Employer Nomination visa you will receive 5 points which will be added to your points score. Your points score based on your claims in your EOI will then be displayed before you submit your EOI.

Nominated Occupation

If you are submitting an EOI for a visa that requires you to list a nominated occupation you should establish if your occupation is a skill that Australia needs. You can do this by checking the Skilled Occupation Lists.  You must provide details of a Skills Assessment relating to your nominated occupation in your EOI.

For information about how to calculate the points test or to begin the process of migrating to Australia take a Free Assessment for the visa you are interested in.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

An ENS allows business owners to sponsor overseas workers, or those that are already employed in Australia on temporary visas, to live and work in Australia.

The ENS contains three different “streams” or application pathways.

The Temporary Residence Transition Stream is for people who already hold a Subclass 457 visa and have worked in Australia for a minimum of two years.

The Direct Entry Stream is for those who are brand-new, or at least relatively new, to working in Australia.

The Agreement Stream is for people who have been sponsored by an employer under “a labour or regional migration agreement”.

Employers can use the ENS to fill positions in your business that are suffering from skills shortages. These positions must be listed on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List, or CSOL.

If you are a business owner, you may want to have a look at this list and determine whether your sector or the position you are trying to fill is represented on it. Complete the free Business Assessment Form for further information.

There are a number of other obligations the employer must fulfill, such as ensuring they pay the overseas worker as much as they would an Australian worker performing the same job.

The worker being nominated for entry into the country under the ENS must also fulfill a number of criteria in order to be eligible. Please complete a General Enquiry to begin this process.