Business Migration in Australia

There are certain dynamics of the Australian market that make it an ideal place to start a business. The chances of an innovative business idea working in Australia are high.

When considering starting a business in Australia, or to migrate to the country as the owner of a business or investor, knowing which immigration route suits you best is important. Once you know which immigration strategy you need to use to apply for a business visa, the process of planning the start of your business in the country will be a lot easier.

The main categories of business visas are:

–        Business Innovation and Investment whereby the applicant must have an established and operated a successful business or a maintained investment in bonds. Both business owners and investors can avail this visa.

–        Business Talent visas are permanent visas granted to people with a history of successfully owning a business or people who have venture capital funding in the country.

–        Significant Investor Subclass Visa is for  people who are willing to make an investment of 5 million dollars in Australia

–        Business Visitor Visas may interest people who want to visit Australia for short term business purposes such as meetings, or to look into the market for business related opportunities. Valid for up to 3 months.

Before making a decision of starting a business in Australia, it is necessary to think of the reasons why you may think doing so is a good idea. It is also important that you consult a registered migration agent to know which route is best for you and what you need to do to be eligible to migrate to Australia on a business visa.

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