Midwives work collaboratively with many other health professionals. A midwife may practise and give the necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks after birth in any setting including the home, community, public and private hospitals, birth centres, clinics or health units including Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations.

In Australia, midwives must have completed an approved course in midwifery through a university and their scope of practice includes:

  • providing health support, care and advice to women before conception, and during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period
  • promoting natural childbirth and identifying complications for the woman and her baby
  • consulting with other health professionals and referring to medical care or other health professions when required
  • implementing emergency measures.

Endorsed Midwife

An endorsed midwife has done extra training and can prescribe certain medications and must:

  • successfully complete an approved program of study that leads to an endorsement for scheduled medicines.
  • register as a midwife in Australia without conditions.
  • complete the equivalent of 3 years full-time clinical practice (5,000 hours) in the past 6 years. Completed hours can be across the full continuity of midwifery care or in a specified context of practice. Recognised contexts of practice include antenatal, postnatal and antenatal and postnatal combined.

Social Work

Social Work emphasizes the wellbeing and building of relationships with individuals, families, and communities and linking the local with the global. It explores social care, health and wellness programs and initiatives that seek to locate and create systems and relationships that are preventative and educative in nature.

Graduates in Social Work are able to influence local, national, and global social policy impacting all peoples and communities. They are able to create significant use of their skills in social work/human services to influence agencies required by the social work profession.

Social Work also;

  • Increases your sense of well-being and social growth on an individual and collective level
  • Addresses interpersonal and personal conflicts
  • Enhances and enables the participation within a larger society
  • Identifies and eliminate systemic barriers to full recognition and involvement and
  • Safeguards the weak against injustice and abuse

Other Skills are;

  • Being part of Society and culture
  • Engaged in behavioral science and public health
  • Performing generalist social work practices
  • Performing specialist social work practices and;
  • Taking part in field education experiences

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