Drastic Changes to Australia’s Immigration Policies

As you may have already heard through various media outlets, Australia’s immigration policies are being overhauled. These changes may benefit some and prove a hindrance to others, however, the constant is that the Australian Government is making it far more difficult to enter, stay and become a Citizen of Australia. With the removal of 457 visas, RSMS visas and a reduction in the amount of professions on the skills list being reduced to 18 professional pathways, you can expect that those processing visas at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to be more focused on finding applications that do not meet the already strict criteria required to attain a visa. These changes can be viewed as a benefit to local workers while those looking to enter Australia as a skilled or sponsored worker are likely to feel more apprehensive about their chances of success.

It has never been more important for prospective migrants to utilise the services of an immigration expert to navigate these new waters. While the main concern of most prospective clients is the cost associated with the visa application as well as migration agent fees, we at ASC Migration provide a staged migration process that ensures your financial expenses are minimal during the initial qualifying period and we will only push ahead with an application that we are confident will have a positive result. We offer a Free Assessment service to check the basic information and if you meet those basic threshold requirements we will conduct an in-depth consultation with you for $120 to assess the finer details before beginning the application process. The $120 consultation fee is credited towards the cost of your application should we decide to take your case on. This staged migration process costs you far less than spending, say, $7200 on a Skilled Visa application for you and your family (partner plus two children) only to have it refused. Our process will identify the perfect migration pathway for you to minimise costs, stress and risk to the point that 100% of our clients say they would recommend our services to friends and family.

Applying to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for a visa is not unlike going to court; you need evidence combined with its appropriate application to the legislation. The evidence in question would be your personal details, qualifications, work history, language proficiency and many other areas that overlap and are individual to the 61 various visa subclasses currently available. We see lots of instances of visas being refused due to individuals thinking that they need to apply for a certain visa when the evidence they can provide actually applies to a different subclass as well as incorrect and incomplete evidence being provided to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. While a refusal doesn’t prohibit someone from applying again, you would be surprised how many clients have come to us over the years due to attempting an application themselves first before realising they need to engage an immigration expert to handle their case.

We expect that further changes to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s criteria will change even more in the near future as well as expecting their application fees to rise as well. Australia’s economy, like many around the world, requires its government to make changes like the ones we have seen to bolster the local workforce as well as being more focused and targeted in its approach to attract the professionals the country needs through its various migration pathways. If you desire to come to Australia, we expect these changes have you concerned about your eligibility, which is completely normal. While we cannot predict any precise changes that are likely in the future, the best advice we can provide to you at this time is this; if you have been thinking about the move, have your eligibility assessed ASAP. It’s highly unlikely that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will make things much easier after making things much more difficult.

ASC Migration believes in transparency as well as a staged migration process. You will find we are very open about our fees as well as the confidence we have in our ability to handle complex and straightforward cases with unrivalled expertise. We have provided you with a process that is within any potential migrants’ financial capabilities with a Free Assessment followed by an Expert Consultation before we begin a formal application process. Just as we are sure that the changes expected in the future may make things more difficult for you to enter Australia, we expect things in your home country are deteriorating to the point that you view this journey as being essential to your livelihood, which is why we take all of our clients’ concerns and outcomes seriously. These changes needn’t worry you unnecessarily. Our love of Australia and desire to see it filled with people who have been called to its shores to live a happy and fulfilling life compels us to see you through the visa application process with ease and efficiency.

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