Important news for Student Visa holders

Important Information for International Students, studying in Australia:

Are you travelling offshore after completion of your course and before lodging your Subclass 485 visa?

Note that 485 visas can only be lodged in Australia when you are physically present in Australia.

It is an exciting time when you finish your studies and many international students use this time to visit their families overseas before lodging their 485 visas.

When the course has been completed, the university or any other education provider is required to notify the Department of Home Affairs that you have completed your studies.

If you leave Australia at the end of your course, the Department of Home Affairs may cancel your Student visa without notice. If your student visa is cancelled, you will have no right to re-enter Australia and lodge your 485 visa unless you obtain another type of Australian visa.

Therefore, ASC Migration strongly recommends lodging the 485 visa application BEFORE you leave Australia as it will show your intention to return.

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