Get your Australian family visa in the UK without Hassles

The Australian Immigration system distributes a huge number of Australian family visas per year to the family members of the Australian permanent residents, qualified New Zealand citizens, and of course, Australian citizens. A family visa is given mainly under the “Family Stream” package.

Get to Know about the Australian Family Visa in the UK:

There are four main categories in family stream migration:

  • Child
  • Partner
  • Parent
  • Other

Child Visa:

In Australia, dependent kids are welcome always to join their parents. Though it is just an option for the kids to travel to Australia with their migrating parents, at times kids migrate separately. Let you know that there are visas also for orphan relatives, biological kids, and adopted kids of Australian citizens, qualified New Zealand citizens, and Australian citizens – these kids might get a permanent resident visa, implying they can easily live in Australia and apply for Australian citizenship as well.

Partner Visa:

A spouse or partner visa is for spouses, fiancé, and same-sex or de-factor partners of the permanent residents of Australia, Australian citizens, and qualified New Zealand citizens.

Well, the very first requirement of a spouse visa is to show proof that your relationship is lasting and genuine and that you aim to live together permanently. One application is needed only for a spouse visa that includes permanent and temporary visas. The latter one is issued for the spouse to travel from his/her country to Australia where he or she might then adjust his or her position to the permanent inhabitant.

Parent Visa:

Two categories are there for parent visas – Parent (Subclass 103) (Migrant) and Aged Parent (Subclass 804) (Residence).

To be qualified for an aged parent visa, one must be sponsored by the child who is a permanent resident of Australia, a qualified New Zealand citizen, or an Australian citizen. One must meet one of the following needs:

  • Half of the children must be permanent residents of Australia, qualified New Zealand citizens, or Australian citizens.
  • One has more children residing in Australia as permanent residents of Australia, qualified New Zealand citizens, or Australian citizens.

So, to be qualified for the parent migrant visa, one must even meet the aforementioned requirements.

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