Australian Spouse or Partner in UK

Are you planning to apply for an Australian Spouse Visa in UK?

If you are married, then you can apply as the partner OR if you are in a long-term relationship, of at least 12 months, you can apply as a de facto spouse. Of course, the longer your relationship the more chance of your application being approved. Alternatively, you may need to apply for a ‘Prospective Marriage Visa’ or a ‘Fiancee Visa’.

This visa is granted temporarily for 2 years and thereafter once you provide further updated evidence to show you are still together it becomes permanent.

However, if you have been married to your sponsor or been living together as de-facto spouses for over 5 years, OR if you have been married or been living together as de-facto spouses for over 2 years AND have a child, then you can apply for the full Permanent Resident visa right away.

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To be eligible for this Australian spouse visa in UK, here are some details regarding your sponsor:

  • He/she must be an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or
  • His/she must be18 years age or over.
  • He/she must be in a de-facto spouse relationship or married to you (the applicant).

  • He/she must be in a long-term relationship with the sponsor.
  • He/she should be completely free of any serious criminal record.
  • He/she must clear pass the required medical and health requirements

The applicant will enjoy the following benefits when the temporary Australian spouse visa in UK is approved.

  • You can stay and work in Australia with your partner until the permanent visa is granted.
  • You can study in Australia.
  • You can avail of hospital care schemes and you will have full medical benefits.

As a permanent spouse visa holder, you can enjoy the following privileges:

  • You can stay, work, and even study in Australia with the partner.
  • You can apply for an Australian citizenship when you are eligible.
  • You are entitled to get some social security payments.

Don’t understand how to apply for an Australian spouse visa in UK or not sure if you are eligible? Don’t worry as we are here to help you. An application is this category is very complex and it has a very high refusal rate. For this reason, we highly recommend that you contact us for expert guidance, as we have a 100% success rate.


Let us Handle your Australian spouse visa in UK process to save you time, money, and of course to avoid frustration. Complete a General Enquiry and we’ll enhance your application so that getting an Australian Parent Visa will be less stressful.

Our ‘Modus Operandi’ is never to process an application unless the potential applicant is eligible to be granted an Australian spouse visa in the UK.

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