New Regional Sponsorship Visas

Coming in November 2019 are three new regional visa subclasses to focus growth efforts in some of Australia’s regions.

The great news is that these visas will likely provide many individuals with pathways to Permanent Residency that were previously not open to them and gaining permanent residency will allow you to live wherever you want.

Regional Australia Visas will also be tailored to attract migrants to areas where there will be an abundance of work opportunities that wouldn’t necessarily be available in major centres.

If you have previously looked into a Regional Sponsorship Visa and found that you didn’t meet the criteria for one reason or another, these new visas might be what you need. Contact us and we can begin the assessment and consultation processes so that you’re in the best position when the new visas are officially released.

100% of ASC Migration clients report that they would recommend our services to friends and family. This is because we do not proceed with your case unless we’re confident of a successful outcome.

After investigating the specifics of your situation, we will only decide to compile an application if we’re satisfied you meet the government’s specific criteria. This removes the need for you to worry while simply letting a Migration Law Specialist handle the specifics of your Visa outcome.

You can start by completing one of our easy Free Assessments which will identify any obvious reasons why you meet or don’t meet any specific Visa criteria.

If you meet the basic criteria, we will ask you to have a consultation with us to discuss the details of your situation. From there, if we feel your Visa has a good chance of being approved, we will begin preparing your application. Once the application is compiled, we will review it all again with you before submitting the paperwork to the Australian government for their consideration. We take care of everything while you will simply need to fill out some forms and send us the required evidence – it’s that simple.

Get in touch today and start your journey to Australia with us.

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