Heading Down Under?

We know that moving to Australia can be overwhelming, with a million things to consider, from visas to packing to where to live. That is why ASC Migration will assist you with your move and make it as stress-free as possible.Gathering as much information as possible, in advance, will help you most prepared for taking the plunge down-under visa for Australia.


Australia is a wonderful, multicultural society and has a stable economy, standard of living, low population density, great healthcare system, a fantastic lifestyle, and a range of opportunities that make the land down-under a popular destination for migrants of all ages.


Securing a valid visa will be the first thing on your checklist before planning your move to Australia. There are various visas available, depending on the duration of your stay and the purpose of your visit.


Australia is still very much the top destination for British ex-pats, drawn by the laid-back lifestyle and idyllic landscape and climate. For those considering making the move please complete a General Enquiry now.


Our UK-based agent Lesley Hart has over 22 years in the migration industry with 12 of these as an Australian Registered Migration Agent.

She relocated to the UK in 2015 and provides migration assistance to applicants looking to invest, do business, study, or join family members.

Our combined experience and knowledge (over 43 years) will assess the best possible visa options for you, so what are you waiting for…?


For more United Kingdom or Europe Information: TELEPHONE >> +44 (0)74 8753 8231

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