Student Visas – Making sure your application is “Decision Ready”

The student visa route is becoming one of the most popular methods of entering Australia. Where applicants are prepared to study, or further their current qualifications at an Australian tertiary institution, the pathway towards Permanent Residency is becoming an easier option to consider compared to some skilled or sponsored routes.

One of the developments in the Department of Home Affairs protocol in assessing applications that has been updated is to ensure that all paperwork is “decision ready,” which means that everything is ready to go and the Department of Home Affairs won’t need to send a request for further information to the applicant. This could means that your visa application could be rejected for simply missing a page of information that you actually have but forgot to include, which could be a costly error considering application fees are non-refundable as well as any other costs you may have paid already in advance.

Remembering that we can offer International Students free migration services through our referral program, there is no reason for such mistakes to take place. We will ensure that your application is “decision ready” and as strong as can be before it is submitted. All you need to do is complete one of our free assessments to make sure that you meet the basic criteria for a Student Visa and tell us which university you are looking at attending to get your qualifications. We will refer you to this university, informing them that we have determined you meet the basic criteria for a student visa and you will start your application for a University placement with them. Once you have completed what the University needs done, we will work with you to prepare your Student Visa application completely free of charge.

This means that you will receive the services of a migration law specialist at no charge, ensuring your Student Visa application has the best chance of success, so that you can focus on all of the other responsibilities relating to moving countries and starting a new life.

For more information regarding how our referral program works, contact us today.

If you’re ready to get started, complete a Free Assessment and we’ll begin the process of your migration journey to Australia.

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