Studying in Australia

The prospect of studying in Australia for someone living overseas can be daunting. There is a myriad of things to consider from living arrangements, social changes, language barriers and of course, the qualification you are attempting to acquire itself. Studying in Australia from abroad is not a cheap exercise either with most courses routinely costing upwards of AUD$20,000. Using a broad referral network, we are now providing free migration services to those prospective students as well as paying a deposit towards the services for their follow-up visa, whether it is a Graduate Visa or a Permanent Visa.


What does this mean, exactly?


Tertiary institutions across the country will pay a Registered Migration Agent like ASC Migration a referral fee for organising everything to do with your Student Visa Application so that they don’t need to worry too much about the success of your application while they offer you a place in their University. We, in turn, do not charge you for our services in preparing your visa application. While you still must pay the application fee to the Department of Immigration as normal, you are getting the services of a highly experienced migration agent to prepare the application on your behalf for free. More than that, we will also use a portion of that referral fee to pay a deposit towards your second visa application services. We will take 20% of whatever our referral payment is from the University and set that aside as a deposit for your Graduate or Permanent Visa application preparation, which will save you even more money in the long term.


People utilise the services of Registered Migration Agents for the same reason you would hire a lawyer to represent you in a court case. We, as your agent, represent your interests in presenting your case to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We are familiar with the details of the changes to legislation and other avenues you can explore if you don’t meet the criteria of one subclass of visa or another. You are free to apply for any visa you want, of course, just as you are free to represent yourself in court, but when it’s your future at stake, who wants to take that risk?


One of the most common enquiry types we get is from people who attempted to do their own visa and have either had their application rejected or are stuck in a Department of Immigration request for more information pertaining to something the applicant wasn’t aware that they needed to cover. These mistakes have meant that the applicant lose the money that they’ve paid to apply for the visa and now need to re-apply while engaging an agent which costs them more money again. Naturally, these people find that hindsight is always 20/20 and they should have used a migration agent to begin with. You, as a prospective student don’t even need to worry about the agent fees, you simply need to choose a course of study while we advise you on what your second stage visa application will be. Then, all you’ll need to worry about is passing your course with flying colours to give you the best chance of career success for your long-term future.

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