Three Year Working Holiday Visas for Greek Migrants

You are probably already familiar with the Australian Working Holiday Visa and that it is normally a 12-month visa with the option to extend it if you do some regional work. As Australia and Greece have been working on a reciprocal work and holiday program, the Australian government has made a third-year extension available to Greek nationals who are willing to undertake 6 months of regional work within their second-year extension.

This presents a great opportunity for people who are looking to become sponsored by a suitable employer, as well as those who just want to spend a bit more time traveling Australia. We find a lot of our clients come to Australia to find an employer sponsor and contact us to prepare their visa applications as sponsorship visas are more difficult to attain than a Working Holiday Visa.

One thing you may not know is that to get an employer sponsored visa, the employer needs to be approved by the Australian Government to sponsor non-Australian residents. This means that in most cases we must get your potential employer approved, as well as getting your visa approved. We have done this to tremendous success in the past, with employers going on to attract many more hard-working migrants looking to start a new life in Australia.

We can make your entire migration journey easier by helping you from the start to the finish. From an initial consultation through to the applications for whatever visa pathway is best for you, we make migration easier by using our skills and expertise to prepare the best possible visa application on your behalf so you don’t have to spend an untold amount of time sifting through the fine details of visa criteria and evidence requirements.

As 100% of our clients report that they would recommend our services to friends and family, we feel confident that we can make your migration journey to Australia easy.

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