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The Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa, also referred to as the TSS visa, is an employer-sponsored temporary visa programme that allows employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers and permits the subclass 482 visa holder themselves to live and work in Australia for a period of up to either 2 or 4 years.


The subclass 482 visa may provide a pathway to permanent residence for the holder of a 482 visa once they have worked full-time for their sponsoring employer for 3 out of the last 4 years through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) (non-regional), or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Regional) visa. Both of these visas allow for the 482 visa holder to transition to permanent residency.


The short-term stream, if your occupation is on the Short-term Skilled Occupation list. The Medium-term stream, if your occupation is on the Medium-term Skilled Occupation list. The Labour agreement stream, when the sponsoring is in a labour agreement with the Department.

AND IT INVOLVES A 3-STAGE APPLICATION PROCESS (all of the following 3 applications can be lodged at the same time).

1. The Sponsorship application is lodged by the sponsoring employer (this will last for 5 years) 2. The Nomination application is lodged by the sponsoring employer on your behalf and 3. The subclass 482 Visa application is lodged by the visa applicant (you).



(all sponsorship and nomination fees are paid by the employer) The Sponsorship Application Fee is $420 and the Nomination Application Fee is $330 The Subclass 482 Application Fee (Short Term) is $1455 (aged over 18) and $365 (aged under 18) The Medium Term and Labour Agreement fees are $3035 (over 18 and $760 (under 18) Additionally, employers must also pay the applicable nomination training contribution charge (known as the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy) when an application is made.<br? The amount of the levy to be paid depends upon 1. The Visa subclass being nominated 2. The most recently completed years annual financial turnover for the business and 3. The number of years the applicant is nominated for. For a Subclass 482 visa the cost will be $1200 per year if the Business turnover is less than $10 million per year or $1800 per year if the turnover is more than $10 million per year OR For the Subclasses 186 and 187 visas a once only payment of $3000 is payable if the turnover of the business is less than $10 million or $5000 if the turnover is more that $10 million. Note: This is only a brief outline of the applicable rules and regulations that will apply to applications in this category. Full additional and specific details will be provided in your evaluation.

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  • Partner & De Facto Spouse Visas Parent Visas
  • Fiancee (Prospective Marriage) Visas Other Family Visas
Although Family Visas are among the most popular applications, they can be the most difficult to secure. Many people have high hopes for bringing their Partner, De-Facto Spouse, Parent, Adapted Child, or Remaining Relative to live with them in Australia, but the application process is daunting and confusing. It is also worth noting that new Australian Government regulations will require the sponsor’s application to be approved before the applicants. (In other words, the applicant cannot apply until the sponsor application is approved). This will have the effect of ensuring that an applicant cannot remain lawfully in Australia unless they hold another type of visa, as it is proposed that no bridging visa will be granted with these types of applications anymore. A visa is for parents to migrate to Australia permanently to join their settled Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen child in Australia. There are also specific rules which will apply to any sponsor or applicant who has previously been sponsored or applied in this or any other category themselves. If you are applying in this category, it is now more important than ever that you engage an expert.
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