Heading Down Under?

We know that moving to Australia can be overwhelming, with a million things to consider, from visas to packing to where to live. That is why ASC Migration will assist you with your move and make it as stress-free as possible.Gathering as much information as possible, in advance, will help you most prepared for taking the plunge down-under visa for Australia.


Australia is a wonderful, multicultural society and has a stable economy, standard of living, low population density, great healthcare system, a fantastic lifestyle, and a range of opportunities that make the land down-under a popular destination for migrants of all ages.


Securing a valid visa will be the first thing on your checklist before planning your move to Australia. There are various visas available, depending on the duration of your stay and the purpose of your visit.


Australia is still very much the top destination for British ex-pats, drawn by the laid-back lifestyle and idyllic landscape and climate. For those considering making the move please complete a General Enquiry now.


Our UK-based agent Lesley Hart has over 22 years in the migration industry with 12 of these as an Australian Registered Migration Agent.

She relocated to the UK in 2015 and provides migration assistance to applicants looking to invest, do business, study, or join family members.

Our combined experience and knowledge (over 43 years) will assess the best possible visa options for you, so what are you waiting for…?


For more United Kingdom or Europe Information: TELEPHONE >> +44 (0)74 8753 8231

Visa Cancelled – Refused

Appeals – Waivers – Character Issues:

Is your matter Complicated?

Do you have a Strict Time Limit?

The Department of Home Affairs has provisions to cancel visas in circumstances. For example, if a visa condition is breached, if an applicant has had, or currently has, a ‘Character Issue’, if an applicant provides a false or bogus document or for other numerous and various reasons.

In certain circumstances, when a visa is canceled or refused, that decision can be appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) but this must be done within a strict timeframe.

The refusal notice will indicate whether a decision is reviewable and the timeframe in which the appeal needs to be made. If a valid appeal is made, the refusal decision will be considered based on the merits of the application and/or an applicant’s immigration status.

The AAT can substitute a new decision, vary the decision, remit the matter back to the Department of Home Affairs again or affirm the decision. The AAT also has the power to hand down a decision based on submission and the paperwork provided.

If you have had a visa refused, in certain circumstances, you may seek to have a review of the decision at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) within the time limit for that appeal.

AAT quote regarding a previous client we represented.

“Mr Kavanagh had helpfully submitted a detailed bundle of all relevant documents that included submissions and witness statements (the ‘Hearing Book’). Given the favourable material now before the Tribunal, a hearing is not required”.

It is critical to make review applications within the prescribed timeframe given as outlined in the communication a refused applicant receives from the Department of Home Affairs.

To be assessed as to the legality of a cancellation and any possible options for an appeal, or a review of the decision, please call us as soon as you receive that decision.

If you are in Australia and you have been issued a Notice of Intention to Cancel (NOICC) by the Department of Home Affairs there may be options available to you to prevent that cancellation from taking place, but each situation will need to be assessed on its merits.

Once again though, meeting the timeframe given, as outlined in the correspondence received from the Department of Home Affairs is critical, so once again, ensure you contact us immediately on receipt of that notification.

ASC Migration agents are highly skilled and experienced. Our principal migration agent has been successfully representing clients since 2003. Your matter will benefit from that experience.

To determine if you will meet the current ‘Migration Regulations’ to address any of these issues please order the ‘Refusal or Cancellation – Analysis & Written Report’ on our ‘Specialist Visa Services’ page. This ‘Consultation’ will entail us liaising with you directly via a Face-To-Face interview via Skype,

Please click HERE to be redirected to there now. This report costs only $376 but please note that we will fully credit this fee towards any further fees if you engage us within 14 days to process your matter and/or to represent you. Hence, if you are eligible to address your matter your assessment will be FREE.

The time to address this issue is now because the clock is ticking!

Planning to complete your own visa application?

Do you just want a professional’s second opinion
Do you want to Maximise your chance of visa success:

Our ‘Visa Application Review and Checking Service’ is part of our desire to give our clients more choice and more convenience. This service is prepared for you once you have completed your own visa application. We will critically analyse this and give you our professional feedback, by providing you with a Detailed and Visa-Specific written report.

Our analytical feedback will be a full and comprehensive assessment of your application and the support Documentary Evidence you are providing, along with providing suggestions pertaining to the additional evidence that should accompany the pending application/s so that it/the and/or your sponsors application (if applicable) are enhanced.

The cost of a Pre-Lodgement Visa Application Review is great value and costs only $2256. This could save you $$$$’s, because all Department of Immigration and Border Protection Visa Application fees are usually non-refundable, so investing in a ‘Visa Application Review’ will be very cost-effective.

This is a comprehensive service that provides the following;

• A full and detailed analysis of each applicants current Immigration Status and;

• A full electronic review of their application to ensure that the applicant’s Skills,  Experience and/or overall Eligibility is a match for the visa subclass of choice and;

• Advice on how to maximise the Applications chances of success and;

• A complete report on any areas that need to be Addressed or Improved so that your Application is enhanced before you submit it and;

• Checking and ensuring that you have completed Current & Valid application forms, and that all the relevant sections of Each Form have been completed and;

• Ensuring each form is Signed in all the correct places and provide a complete breakdown of the relevant Application Fee Costs and;

• Provide you with 6 Months of online and/or electronic email advice and backup (if needed).

We also provide an abundance of FREE services on our Links page HERE (Accommodation, Medicare, Pension Transfers, Mortgage Services, Government Services etc.)

Please use the form below to upload your pending application form to our server. Then just  CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Specialist Visa Services’ page on our website.

Just scroll down and follow the prompts to complete your contact details. In the drop-down ‘Select’ box, please order the service ’Pre-Lodgment Visa Application Review & Written Reportand follow the prompts again to remit your payment.

Once your payment is confirmed an Australian Registered Migration Agent will contact you immediately thereafter to arrange a ‘Face-to-Face’ online interview to initialise the processing your requirements. A important part of this service is that on a monthly basis you will have ongoing Face-to-Face access to your migration agent.


Are You Processing Your Own Visa Application?

Visa-Specific and Detailed Checklists can assist you to get there.

For those who are making their own application OR for those who
just need to know what support documents and evidence will be required.

The Migration Checklist service is our most recent addition to the growing number of reasons more people are choosing ASC Migration. We understand that some people just want to do their own application. To do so, the support documentary evidence an applicant needs can be provided in a detailed and visa-specific list.

For the very low fee of just AUD$329, we can provide you with specific instructions, guidance, and comprehensive support document lists outlining all the ‘up-to-date’ evidence you must provide when making an application. These lists ensure a complete enhancement of your matter and a greater chance it will be approved.

The Department’s application fees vary depending on the type of application or service you are applying for, and how many secondary applicants there are (if any). A brief outline of these fees can be seen HERE and note that these fees can amount to a very significant outlay. In most circumstances, they are non-refundable if you make a mistake. A migration checklist, however, will ensure you provide the support documents needed.

To order a Migration Checklist please CLICK HERE and you will be redirected to our ‘Specialist Visa Services and Expert Eligibility Options’ page. Please complete your details and select the service Migration Checklist OR Urgent (within 1 working day) Face-to-Face Consultation, Detailed Analysis & Written Report”.

Then just click on the ‘BLUE Pay Now’ button and follow the prompts to complete your order. Thereafter we will contact you within 1 working day to assess your requirements.

The Department of Home Affairs does not offer refunds for incorrectly applied for, or rejected visa applications, which is why more people are choosing ASC Migration to enhance their application before its lodgment.



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