Working holidays can sometimes lead to more permanent plans in Australia

Our Working Holiday Visa Advice packages deliver unparalleled value. If we provided your 1st working holiday visa advice and you wish to stay in Australia and apply for a second-year working holiday visa, you can order this advice package from us once again to check your eligibility. If you do, we will discount the cost of this service by 25% as you are a returning client.

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Thereafter (as a returning client again), if you subsequently engage us to process a further visa for you, if you are eligible to do so, we again will provide a 25% discount on our processing fees for any visa application which may become available to you.

Working Holiday visas for Australia are not difficult to attain should you meet the eligibility requirements. However, if you are applying for further working-holiday visa, and/or any other visa once you are here, the burden of proof you will be required to meet can be confusing.

You must get this process right which is why purchasing the ‘Working Holiday Visa Advice’ service is an investment in your long-term future. Please note that it is important that your application is correctly processed, especially for those with more permanent prospects on their mind as they will need to carefully plan ahead.

To order a ‘Working Holiday Visa’ package please to to the Specialist Visa Services page on our website. Scroll down to complete your details and in the ‘Select’ drop-down box of ‘Our Specialist Services’ please order the 1st, 2nd or 3rd-year working holiday visa advice). A migration professional will contact you soon thereafter and provide you with a complete list of all the requirements you need to meet.

Remember, If you are a returning client who has previously ordered the 1st or 2nd year working holiday visa advice service from us,
you will be entitled to a 25% discount.

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