Contributory and Non Contributory Parent Migration

Aged Parent Migration

To be eligible for a ‘Parent’ visa you must;

• have a child who is an Australian citizen, a lawful and settled Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

• have a sponsor.

• meet the Balance of family test criteria and;

• meet health and character requirements.

There are 3 categories of permanent ‘Parent Visas’ and 1 category of temporary ‘Parent Visas’
1. The Non- Contributory Parent visa (no ‘Health Contribution Charge’ is payable). This can take up to 25 years to process. You can apply for this visa outside Australia, and it can only be granted outside Australia.

2. The Contributory Parent visa  (has a ‘Health Contribution Charge’ that is currently set at $43,600) (only due when your application has been fully processed and is ready for approval).

An application in the Contributory Parent category has 2 options. Applicants can apply directly for permanent residency OR go through a 2-stage, 2-step visa pathway to permanent residence and pay the due fee in 2 instalments. Visas in this category can take up to 4 years to process (the second stage can be granted in Australia).

3. The Aged Parent visa applicant must be of Australian pensionable age, and it can be applied for and be granted in Australia.

Again, this category has 2 sub-categories. The Non- Contributory Aged Parent visa (no ‘Health Contribution Charge’ is payable). This can take up to 30 years to process and the Aged Contributory Parent visa (has a ‘Health Contribution Charge’ currently set at $43,600 which can be paid in 2 instalments) and can take up to 4 years to process.

4.  The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa is for those Parents who do not meet the ‘Balance of Family’ test and would still like to spend an extended period of time in Australia. An applicant in this category can stay for either 3 or 5 years with the possibility of one renewal (conditions apply).

ASC Migration are skilled professionals that specialise in Parent and Family migration. Whether you are inside or outside Australia we can enhance your application and please remember, some parent applicants can require a Medical and Health submission due to their age but our policy is to include this in our fee.

To see our full disclosure regarding this policy and our committment to ‘No Hidden Fees or Cost Surprises’. please see our ‘Fees and Costs’ page HERE. To be assessed as to which category best suits you, please complete the ‘OBLIGATION FREE GENERAL ENQUIRY‘  below.

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