ASC Migration believes in transparency

Our fees are very competitive and we are extremely proud that we are completely upfront about them. We don’t believe in any ‘hidden fees’ or ‘nasty surprises’ because all you will get when you deal with ASC Migration are the facts.

Below is a brief sample of some costs pertaining to some applications (sorry, not possible to list all 72 visas here), and depending on the type of visa you are applying for, our professional fees will be variable, but very competitive. Full details will be provided in a detailed written report BEFORE you engage us.

Potential migrants who make their own visa application could wait anywhere from 2 to 3 years before a decision is made on their matter. ASC Migration however is confident of reducing this processing time, in some cases by ¾. You therefore could be in Australia anywhere from 1 to 2 years earlier. And, I’m sure you can gauge the difference between the additional salary you may earn, measured against the cost of engaging a professional.


Payable only when the application is complete and ready for lodgment.


Remit a small deposit within the requested time and you will qualify for a discount on your ‘Processing Fee’. Also, please note that all remaining fees can be paid in installments.


Type of Visa And Subclass Application Fee
(Payable only at time of lodgement)
Additional Dependent
(over 18 years of age)
Additional Dependent
(under 18 years of age)
Processing Fee
(Fixed Cost quotation provided)
Student 500 $710 $530 $175 $282 (single applicant) $376 (family)
via any of the preferred partners) 
(otherwise $1880)
Student Graduate 485 $1895 $950 $475 $2820
(25% discount if we processed your Student Visa)
Skilled Independent 189¹
(State Nominated 190)¹
$4640 $2320 $1160 $5640
Skills Assessment and/or Nomination
application additional $1880 each²
Skilled (Regional) 491/494¹
(State Employer/Family Sponsored)
$4640 $2320 $1160 $5828
Skills Assessment – State/Territory Business Nomination
OR Family Sponsor applications additional $1880 each²
Temporary Business Skills
Sponsorship TSS 482**¹
Applicant From $1455 Applicant From $1455 Applicant From $365 $3760
Skills Assessment  – Business & Nomination
Applications additional $1880 each²
Employer Nomination 186¹ (Permanent, TRT, Labour Agreement) $4640 $2320 $1160 $5264
Skills Assessment – Nomination aplications
additional $1880 each²
Training Visa 407 $405 $405 $105  $3760
Skills Assessment – Nomination applications
additional $1880 each²
Parent 143* (contributory) $4765 $1605 $805 $3948
Family Sponsor – Medical & Health submission
additional 1880 each²
Parent (temporary)
(3 & 5-Year 870)
(Initial application fee)
3-year stay
(additional $4590)
5-year stay (additional $10325) $3760
Sponsor application – additional $2820
Medical & Health submission
additional 1880
De Facto Spouse or Partner 309/820 $8850 $4430 $2215 $4324
Sponsor application – additional $3948
Business Innovation 188 $9450 $4725 $2365 POA
Citizenship $540 N/A Nil (if applying with parents) $4700
(Previous client within the last 5 years 75% discount)
(Previous client over 5 years ago 50% Discount )
Skills Assessment only
(e.g. no visa application)
Varies vastly
From $395 to $795
N/A N/A $3760
(1880 if combined with an application)

 To check your Immigration Eligibility please select one of the processes below.

1. For a Visa for an Individual or Family:
– Please order the ‘Quick ‘Short Consultation’ Face-to-Face interview’ HERE (only $47).
2. For a Visa for an Employer or Business Sponsor:
– Please order the ‘Business or Employer Sponsor ‘Face-to-Face interview HERE (only $266).
3. For Specialist Advice:
If any of the above processes do not suit your circumstance you will require Specialist Advice. Please click HERE for specific advice and to order the Service required. 


If you are eligible to progress your matter, and you engage us within 30 days to do so, we will FULLY CREDIT these fees towards any further applicable costs. Hence assessing an applicant’s eligibility is FREE 


* denotes – A ‘Health Contrubution Charge’ of A$43,600 per adult is payable (due when the visa is about to be granted (e.g. in 3 to 4 years time)) OR this can be paid in installments (conditions apply).
** denotes – A ‘Skilled Australian Fund Levy’ must be paid by the business sponsor. This fee is variable and based on the turnover of the business.
¹ denotes – A skilled visa applicant with no formal qualification may still be eligible to apply via a process known as ‘Recognised Prior Learning’.
² denotes – Processed at the same time.
Full details are provided with all written report consultations

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