Labour Agreement – Employer Sponsored SC 186 Nominee.

This ‘Work Visa’ is suitable for applicants who are planning to work for an employer who is a part of Labour Agreement.

Labour agreements are accords between the Australian Government and business owners in Australia that allow Australian employers to sponsor foreign workers (in or outside Australia) with specific skills when there is a shortage in the labour market.

There are five different types of labour agreements:

  • Company specific labour agreements.
  • Designated area migration agreements.
  • Industry labour agreements.
  • Project agreements.
  • Global talent employer sponsored agreements.

Your intended employer and sponsor must belong to one of these so that they can make a valid nomination which will allow you to apply for a visa in this category.

Business Sponsor and Nominator Eligibility

• They must be a party to a labour agreement.

• Their business is operating legally in Australia.

• The position you are being nominated for must be listed in the labour agreement.

Applicant’s Eligibility

• You are sponsored by the business.

• You currently work (or will) directly for the Business Sponsor.

• You are under 45 years of age (unless the labour agreement specifies otherwise).

• You will the skills requirement according to the labour agreement for the specified position.

• You have at least two years of experience related to the proposed nominated position.

Applicants – if you are a ‘Skilled Tradesperson’ or ‘Professional’ (this includes those with ‘on-the-job’ experience) please complete the following
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