ASC Migration’s Terms and Conditions of Service are listed below. We may update these at any time to reflect any changes in our
services or how we do business, and these new changes will define our current legal responsibilities and/or those previously stipulated.


General Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions regulate the provision of all information and all services provided by ASC Migration, whether they are ordered privately through this website or by use of this website.  Also, any information or personal data provided to us or by any person completing and/or submitting any form from this website, will be used for the sole purpose of migration and only for the intention for which it is/was provided.
  2. We endeavor to provide the most up-to-date and current information and costs on this website to assist each potential Australian immigrant to obtain a visa for Australia. This is provided for guidance purposes only and can change without notice.
  3. Use of this website and/or receipt of any information contained herein or via any correspondence provided by ASC Migration is done so in good faith, or any Consultation or Service purchased, does not form any contract between ASC Migration and you.
  4. Whilst all attempts have been made to verify the information provided on this website ASC Migration assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.
  5. Any Evaluation, Assessment, Referral, or Consultation advice and/or information provided on this website and/or via a Consultation (whether in person or electronically), assesses only the basic requirement of an applicant’s eligibility to progress their matter. If eligibility to progress is advised a potential applicant can only further advance their matter with ASC Migration via the conditions advised in 7 below.
  6. Specific immigration advice will be provided to potential visa applicants only after they have purchased an Advanced Consultation.
  7. When a consultation, product, or any service is ordered or purchased from us, this is not our confirmation that we will process an application, a migration outcome, nor will we have been engaged or contracted to process an application or any migration outcome. We will provide a written report regarding each potential applicant’s eligibility to progress and if we are engaged to do so, we will provide a quotation pertaining to that matter. We will also provide a Service Agreement contract regarding that matter, and only when this has been signed and returned to us by the main applicant, will we have been fully engaged to process that matter.
  8. All transactions are processed in Australian dollars and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) (applicable in Australia only) is applicable.
  9. Potential visa applicants who have ordered or purchased a Product, Consultation, or Specialist Service are eligible to credit that cost towards the cost of the full Service.
  10. All other products or specialist services ordered or purchased through this website, or from ASC Migration directly, without first any potential applicant having had an Advanced Consultation provided by ASC Migration is not approval or advice they are eligible to make an application and do so at that person’s own risk.
  11. Potential visa applicants who instruct us to process their matter can only do so after accepting our quotation and remitting the requested non-refundable deposit.
  12. Thereafter a signed ‘Service Agreement’ must be returned to us, before each potential Australian immigrant can engage or contract with us to represent their immigration matter and/or progress their application. If a signed ‘Service Agreement’ is not returned the remitted deposit or remitted fee will be forfeited.
  13. Thereafter, they must provide all the information and/or evidence requested.
  14. Potential overseas sponsored and/or nominated persons (either ‘in’ or ‘outside’ of Australia) will be represented only when their sponsor and/or nominator also signs a Service Agreement’ to sponsor and/or nominate them.
  15. We will not be responsible for any person who contacts us, by any means whatsoever, continuing to remain legally in Australia, if they have not ordered an Advanced Consultation, and we have engaged them as a client and they have returned a signed Service Agreement’.
  16. Information provided by any potential immigrant to us via the ‘Free Assessment’ on this website, or via any electronic means, only evaluates if a potential immigrant will meet the ‘Basic Threshold Requirements’ for the granting of an Australian visa. It does not constitute definitive legal or immigration advice and is not to be used by any potential immigrant to Australia as an indication of their potential visa eligibility.
  17. A ‘Free Assessment’ or any electronic evaluation/assessment/consultation is intended only to provide an indication of each potential applicant’s prospects. They must then engage us via our Staged Migration Service by purchasing the requisite Consultation or Service before proceeding with any intention of immigrating to Australia. Only then will we advise them of their eligibility to immigrate to Australia and/or to be skilled assessed.
  18. Each potential immigrant acknowledges that we accept no responsibility for any different approach a potential applicant may choose to immigrate to Australia and they assume responsibility for using any information contained in this website before they have been evaluated by us via our Staged Migration Service that they are eligible to immigrate to Australia.
  19. We accept no responsibility for any loss of any data or software of any kind from any computer virus which may be activated or transmitted whilst you visit this website or any other website to which we provide a link.
  20. We make no representations or warranties regarding this website or any of its contents and we deny all liability for any loss or damage for any reliance on the information contained in this website.
  21. Links provided to other websites are provided for your convenience and we are not responsible for the information contained in those websites. Those links do not constitute an endorsement or approval of that website or any products or services offered on that website.
  22. Services or processes provided by other websites or businesses ancillary to a migration or application matter are provided for your convenience and we are not responsible for those processes or services.
  23. We use the Migration Act and the current Migration Regulations in assessing each potential immigrant’s eligibility to visit or immigrate to Australia.
  24. We do not guarantee the success of any application, submission, or appeal made on any potential immigrant’s behalf and we do not guarantee them employment or provide them with an evaluation of their employment prospects.
  25. ASC Migration, its directors, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, contractors, successors, and assigns do not accept any liability of any damages or losses whatsoever, arising out of, or in any way related to, the use of this site and any other site linked to this site.
  26. ASC Migration reserves the right to make any changes, modifications, additions, deletions, or corrections to this website at any time without notice, and any special offers, promotions, and/or discounts applied are not retrospective.
  27. ASC Migration recommends that you peruse the “Consumer Guide” document prepared by the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia.
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    Migration Checklist Terms and Conditions
    (In addition to all other conditions where applicable)
  28. A reference to “Statutory Authority” means the Department of Home Affairs or any approved Australian Assessment Authority.
  29. If we are engaged to provide the full Service we will provide a checklist detailing the documentary evidence each applicant needs to provide to any Statutory Authority for the service being applied for.
  30. We will process each Service using the provisions set out in the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1998 of Australia, or any Statutory Authority’s regulations that facilitate those processes.
  31. No refund will be given if an applicant terminates this Service because;
    a. They made a mistake and/or wish to apply at a later time or
    b. They changed their mind and/or have reconsidered using our services and/or they already knew the Service information provided or
    c. They cannot provide the requested evidence to enable us to provide the Service or
    d. They do not wish to proceed as the Service will take longer to process than expected.
  32. We do not guarantee that any Service made will be successful. The final decision on the Service rests with the Department of Home Affairs or any Statutory Authority alone and is beyond our influence.
  33. The Department of Home Affairs or any Statutory Authority may make alterations, amendments, and/or cancellations at any time without notice.
  34. We cannot guarantee or provide you with a specific time that the Department of Home Affairs or any Statutory Authority will take to process a Service.
  35. We comply fully with the Migration Agents Registration Authority’s ‘Code of Conduct’.
  36. All information provided by you to us will be treated with total confidentiality and privacy and will not be provided to any other party (including any family member, unless we receive contrary written authority from you) except to process the Service and the processes involved therein.
  37. You nor any applicant will not dispose of any property or assets, or make any changes to your employment, or plan any trips until formal advice of approval of the Service is received.
  38. We will not be responsible for any applicant’s personal or business tax returns or responsibilities. They are advised to seek independent advice related to any taxation or financial matters.
  39. Any delays to lodging the Service as a result of an applicant’s failure to provide the information and/or evidence requested are their responsibility and we accept no responsibility or encumbrance in this regard whatsoever.
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    Specialist Visa Services Terms and Conditions
    (In addition to all other conditions where applicable)
  40. We will provide the relevant Migration Checklists or a Visa Application Report regarding the eligibility of each applicant pertaining to the Service purchased. These Services do not provide any representation to the Department of Home Affairs, any Skills Assessment Authority, or any Statutory Authority for any applicant.
  41. We are not responsible for any potential applicant continuing to remain a legal non-citizen of Australia. It is each applicant’s sole responsibility to ensure they have the correct visa, to allow them to be in, or remain in Australia.
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    Consultations, Referral, and Other Ancillary Services Terms and Conditions
    (In addition to all other conditions where applicable)
  42. Payments must be made in full and in advance before a Consultation can be booked or a Service provided or a Referral completed. Only then will we confirm your order and/or arrange a mutually convenient time for your consultation and/or complete the Consultation, Service or Referral. Booking times are during office hours Monday to Friday (except public holidays) in Western Australia’s time zone.
  43. The referral service fee is to process the course provider application. If you do not return the course provider’s application form and the Service Agreement to us within the time advised, or the course provider rejects your application, the fee remitted for this service is non-refundable.
  44. All consultations must be commenced within 7 days of your payment for the Consultation unless you are notified otherwise.
  45. If a Consultation is not commenced within 7 days of our acknowledgment of payment, and/or any evidence or information requested is not provided, or cannot be provided, we will cease to act on the payees behalf and any consultation fees remitted will be forfeited.
  46. A ‘Stage 1 ‘General Enquiry or Free Assessment’ is to check the initial or potential migration options of candidate or enquirer only. It does not constitute the provision of specific migration advice. Only a ‘Stage 3 Advanced Consultation’ will provide that information.
  47. The ‘Stage 2 Short Consultation’ is conducted online and is a partial assessment of each potential migrants eligibility to apply for a specific visa in a specific visa category, and if they will be eligible to progress to the ‘Stage 3 Advanced Consultation’. The cost of this service is non-refundable, however, if the potential migrant is eligible to engage us to process their matter, and does so within 7 days of the ‘Consultation’ its cost will be fully credited towards the cost of our full professional fee.
  48. The ‘Stage 3 Advanced Consultation’ is conducted online and assesses each potential migrant or applicant’s eligibility to apply for an Australian visa. It requires the main applicant to complete a detailed and ‘Visa-Specific Analytical Questionnaire’. It also consists of an ‘Online Face-to-Face’ conversation/interview between the main applicant and a qualified migration agent. It will also consist of an analysis of the applicable migration regulations and legislative advice, an analysis of the main applicants CV or Resume (if required), and the provision of a Written Report that will detail each potential applicants migration eligibility.The main applicant, when requested to do so, must provide their online contact details. If the main applicant cannot be reached at these contact details, the consultation will be rescheduled on one occasion only. Thereafter, if the main applicant still cannot be reached, the consultation will be cancelled and all fees remitted for it will be forfeited. The cost of this service is discounted for potential migrants who ordered a ‘Stage 2 Short Consultation’ only. It is non-refundable, however, if the potential migrant is eligible to engage us to process their matter, and does so within 7 days of the ‘Consultation’, its cost will be fully credited towards the cost of our full professional fee.
  49. The main applicant for a ‘Consultation’ must provide a current CV or Resume (unless that person is the applicant for a visa in the ‘Family’ category of visas, or they must provide a CV or Resume if requested to do so. If they do not, and/or they do not provide evidence of qualifications gained and/or awarded as referred to in their CV or Resume, their ‘Consultation’ may be cancelled and any ‘Consultation’ fees remitted will be forefeited.
  50. For a ‘Phone Consultation,’ a fixed land-line number must be provided, including country and area dialing codes.
  51. For a ‘Skype Consultation,’ a fixed ‘Skype’ name must be provided.
  52. If the telephone number or ‘Skype’ name provided by the main applicant becomes inoperable, or if the main applicant cannot be contacted by this means, an email consultation will be substituted and no refund or credit will be due.
  53. An ‘Email Consultation’ consists of 2 emails that contain up to 3 questions in total being answered by email return. Only 3 questions will be answered and the main applicant is responsible for providing a valid email address.
  54. All ‘Consultations’ will be concluded by us within 7 days of the telephone or Skype contact whereby we will provide a written report regarding each potential applicant’s eligibility to meet the current migration regulations and/or to progress the Service.
  55. An ‘Eligibility Analysis – International Student Visa Applicant Only’ is for students who want to evaluate their study options in Australia.
  56. An ‘Eligibility Analysis – Student Graduate Visa Applicant Only’ is for potential immigrants who have graduated from their course of study and want an evaluation of their options to remain in Australia.
  57. If you are late for your booked appointment you must notify us at least 1 hour before your allocated appointment time and request a reschedule. If you do not do so you will be charged in full.
  58. You can request a reschedule of your Consultation at least 2 Australian working days before your appointment.
  59. If you request us to reschedule your Consultation at least 2 Australian working days before your appointment, we will do so on one occasion only without charge. If you do not attend and/or cancel your Consultation within 2 Australian working days of your appointment you will be charged in full if you have not requested a reschedule.
  60. No refund will be given if you cancel or cease any of these Services before or during the Service because;
    a). You made a mistake and/or wish to apply for that Service at a later time unless you meet the provisions in ‘clauses 57 and 58’ and/or
    b). You changed your mind and/or have reconsidered using the Service and/or you already knew the Service information provided or
    c). You cannot or you are unwilling to provide the necessary or requested evidence to enable the Service to be provided and/or
    d). You do not wish to proceed, as your Consultation and/or Application will take longer to process than expected.
  61. No refund will be given if your order the incorrect Consultation or Service, however, at our sole discretion, any fee paid may be fully credited towards any further Consultation and/or Service we deem may be necessary. The approval of any other refund will be at the total discretion of ASC Migration in accordance with the relevant 3rd party providers rules and regulations and/or consumer law.
  62. Any Consultation and/or Service fee remitted will be credited towards our professional fees, if you are eligible to engage ASC Migration within 7 working days of the Consultation or within 30 days of the Service, to progress the service and/or migration matter.
  63. The advice provided to you during your Consultation or Service may be updated by any Statutory Authority at any time. If you have engaged us to process your matter within the applicable time advised, we will provide you with new advice at no additional cost. If you have not engaged us to process your matter within the time advised a new Consultation or Service will be required.
  64. The advice given and/or any service provided to an applicant is contingent on the information they have provided to us.  If this was inaccurate or exaggerated we bear no responsibility for the effect of that on the outcome of this service or the suitability or accuracy of the advice given in our written report. This report will be provided within two working days of the conclusion of the consultation which will be the specific and definitive opinion pertaining to an applicant’s options.

ASC Migration reserves the right to change, modify, add, delete, or correct any of these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice, and those changes will not entitle any previous client to a new Consultation, Service or Referral. 


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