Medical Practitioner (Doctor)

Medical practitioners (often referred to as ‘doctors’) play a critical role in providing high-quality health care for Australians and are responsible for:

  • diagnosing and treating physical and mental illnesses, disorders and injuries
  • recommending preventative action
  • referring patients to specialists, other health care workers, and social, welfare and support workers.

Doctors in Australia complete at least 4 years in a university or accredited medical school followed by a compulsory 12-month internship. Most doctors then spend several years training in a medical specialty, such as general practice, surgery or psychiatry.

International Doctors or Specialists

International medical graduates from outside of Australia or New Zealand must meet the requirements for either the:

  • competent authority pathway – usually for non-specialists, but also specialists with qualifications from the UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand and Canada
  • specialist pathway – for specialists seeking specialist recognition or applying for an area-of-need specialist position
  • standard pathway – for doctors not eligible for the other 2 pathways.

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