Most people may know the visa category they are eligible to apply for, but they are usually unaware that there are many subclasses of visas in each of those categories.

This service, therefore, analyses the specific skills, qualifications and/or eligibility of an applicant to do so and provides full details in a written report of what they need to do and/or the pathway they need to follow for the award of a visa.

ASC Migration will never process an application and/or provide advice to any person who is ineligible to be granted a visa, and as application fees are very expensive, this service, therefore, is of great value because of the certainty it provides.

Remember: If you make a mistake, the Department of Immigration is likely to refuse your application. You can reapply, but this mistake will lead to your application fee been lost. We however don’t make mistakes, and can therefore GUARANTEE that you will be eligibile to apply for a specific visa before you do.

Also, please note that application fees will vary depending on the type of application you are applying for and how many secondary applicants there are. Consequently, these can amount to a significant outlay.

To avoid this problem for the very low fee of just AUD$239, we can provide you with a comprehensive analysis written report outlining your eligibility, and the way forward which will enhance any application you may make.

Note: If you are eligible to engage our services, and you do so within 14 days thereof, we will fully credit this fee towards our full-service fee for providing that service.

To order an Individual Comprehensive Analysis and Written Report (includes an analysis of any secondary applicants) please CLICK HERE 

You will be redirected to our ‘Specialist Visa Services and Expert Eligibility Options’ page.  Please complete your details and select the ‘Specialist Service’ and then please ‘Select’ the ‘BLUE’ button to remit your payment.

Thereafter we will arrange your ‘Face-to-Face’ Consultation and provide you with an advanced ‘Analytical Questionnaire’ to complete. The information provided will be analysed and a ‘Written Report’ regarding each applicant’s eligibility will be sent to you.

The Department of Home Affairs does not offer refunds for incorrectly applied visas, or rejected applications, which is why more
people are choosing an
‘Immigration Law Specialist’ to assess their eligibility and enhance their application before its lodgment.
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