Regional Skilled Work

Permanent Subclass 191 Visa

The Permanent SC191 Visa allows people who have lived and worked for at least three years in a designated regional area (whilst the holder of a qualifying visa) to reside permanently in Australia.

Your qualifying visa will be one of the following visas.

• A subclass 491 Skilled Work (Provisional) Visa OR
• A subclass 494 Skilled Work (Employer Sponsored) (Temporary) Visa

There is no minimum income requirement for the award of this visa, and qualifying to get it is not complicated either. The primary applicant just needs to provide notices of assessment issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for three out of the five income years whilst the holder of a qualifying visa.

Your current dependent eligible family members may also apply as visa dependents (providing they hold a qualifying visa too).

With this visa (as well as staying in Australia permanently) you can;

work and study anywhere in Australia
sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence
• if eligible, become an Australian citizen.

The visa applicant must also:

Have complied substantially with the conditions of the qualifying visa and have lived and worked and/or studied in a designated regional area of Australia.

• satisfy the current and relevant health and character requirements (applicable for all applicants)

• Have had an Australian taxable income at or above the minimum income threshold for at least 3 completed income tax years whilst holding the qualifying visa.

Note: Although there is no minimum qualifying salary stated, it is expected you had a minimum taxable income threshold for each of the three immediately preceding 3 years as the holder of the subclass 491 or 494 visa (this amount is currently set at $53,900).

This new permanent residence visa will allow the visa holder to travel to and enter Australia for a period of five years from the visa grant date. Thereafter, unless the visa holder becomes an Australian citizen, they will need to apply for a ‘Resident Return Visa’ every time they depart Australia.

Applications may be lodged in or outside of Australia and the visa may be granted either in or outside Australia.

Applicants – if you are a ‘Skilled Tradesperson’ or ‘Professional’ and you would like to know if you qualify for the grant of this visa please CLICK HERE and complete the
‘NO-OBLIGATION FREE ASSESSMENT’ to get started, and we will assess your eligibility to apply for this Visa.


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