Australia needs people to work in Agriculture. Consequently, the Australian government is introducing a new visa. Agreement on this visa is nearing an agreement with numerous countries which is also a recognition of the shortage of skilled labour in rural areas of Australia.

Who is Eligible?
The Australian Government has said the new Agriculture Visa will be open to residents of certain ‘ASEAN’ (Southeast Asian Pacific Island countries), yet to be confirmed such as;
• Brunei
• Cambodia
• Indonesia
• Laos
• Malaysia
• Myanmar
• Philippines
• Singapore
• Thailand
• Vietnam

Some requirements you must meet when this visa becomes available and when you apply for the Agriculture visa are;

• proof of your intention to perform agricultural work for the majority of the time you spend in Australia and
• proof of any skills you have in agriculture or food/textile processing facilities.

There are over a hundred types of farm jobs in agriculture. Opportunities, depending on your skills and experience could include;

• Dairy farming;
• Cotton harvesting;
• Vegetable picking;
• Livestock care;
• Medicinal marijuana farming;
• Solar farming;
• Grain harvesting;
• Meat processing;
• Commercial fishing;
• Forestry maintenance.

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