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ASC Migration provides comprehensive support for both the employer nominee and the visa applicant when applying for visas. There is a great variety of pathways herein as can be seen on the ‘Home’ page main menu categories of ‘Skilled Visas’,Labour Agreements’,Employer Sponsored Visas’ and ‘DAMA Visas’ on our website. There are many subclasses of visas in these categories also.

Visa processing is all we do, so our expertise is sure to develop the optimal pathway for both the employer and the applicant as our only goal is to ensure each application is enhanced and optimised.

Employer Sponsorship and Nominations applications are processed in 3-Stages.

  • The Business lodges an application to become an approved Sponsor.
  • The Business lodges an application to Nominate the applicant and;
  • The Applicant lodges their subclass 482/494 visa application..

Employer Sponsorship is possible via various pathways using ‘Skilled Visas’‘Labour Agreements’ and ‘DAMA Visas’ and our expertise will guide you effectively to the most beneficial category.

We will also ensure that both the employer and applicant will fully confirm with the Department of Home Affairs migration regulations before an application is made.

The Department of Home Affairs, recently discontinued awarding the Subclass 457 visa. If this was the immigration pathway that best suited you, don’t panic. It has been replaced with a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa and much of the previous methods and conditions of attaining this visa are similar, although certain changes have occurred to the professions that are on the ‘Skilled Occupations Lists’. We can check whether or not you meet the requirements for a TSS visa once we have assessed all of the aspects of your eligibility.

The Employer Sponsorship route presents significant benefits for both the employer and employee which paved the way for the Department of Immigration to provide processing priority for visa applications in this category.

It is no secret that there is a shortage of skilled labour in Australia. There are varous categories for Employer Visa Sponsorship.

  • the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa which replaced the Subclass 457 visa.
  • the Employer Nomination Scheme
  • new visas targeting ‘Regional’ Australia (see the ‘Regional Visa’ tab above for more information) and don’t forget that all of Australia (except Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) is now classed as ‘Regional Australia’.
  • ‘Labour Agreements’ that enable approved businesses to sponsor skilled overseas workers
  • ‘DAMA’ Visas available to an employer operating in a designated region, for an occupation that is specified in the DAMA agreement.

Sponsoring someone can be one of the best choices for your business as there are countless people who have the skills as well as the passion to fulfill the needs of your business.

There can be confusion surrounding Australian Employer-Sponsored Visa, especially regarding what is actually needed, so engage an ASC Migration today and we will provide the clarity you require.

Applicants, please complete a General Enquiry to get started on the basics of your suitability for an Employer-Sponsored Visa.

Employers –
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