Skilled visas – The most desired visas in Australia

There are a variety of migration visas for skilled tradespersons & professionals alike (for those with a formal qualification or for those who have extensive work experience). These applicants can apply for a visa independently, or be nominated. For those who are just getting started, we recommend you complete a General Enquiry to assess whether you meet the basic threshold requirements to be granted an Australian visa.

They will also need to be points tested before applying for a skilled visa (we will take you through the process of what’s involved here after we have assessed your basic eligibility and identified the most appropriate Australian Skilled Visa for your requirements).

Australian Skilled Independent and Skilled Nominated and/or Regional Visas (State or Territory) are some of the most sought after Australian Skilled Visas for prospective immigrants to Australia. These visas are among the most popular because they provide a generous amount of flexibility in terms of allowing permanent immigrants to choose where to work and live.

It is now no longer possible to apply directly for certain types of visas. Instead, applicants will first need to lodge an ‘Expression of Interest (EOI)’. Only then will the best candidates receive an invitation to lodge their visa application. However, we can make sure you meet many of the requirements before even completing an expression of interest giving you the best chance of a successful outcome as well as a very efficient processing time.

An invitation to apply for a skilled independent visa is issued to prospective applicants who achieve the highest rankings. Consequently, engaging ASC Migration, who for many years have been successfully processing visa applications for prospective Australian immigrants ensures your skills and experience are enhanced. Your application will then receive purposeful attention which is of paramount importance to the success of your application.

Every few months, the Department of Immigration will review the EOIs which have been lodged and the Australian Skilled Occupation List, and issue the best candidates with an invitation to make an application for skilled points tested migration.

This significant change means that it is now more important than ever that you engage an Australian Registered Migration Agent to ensure the most pertinent aspects of your skills and experience are refined, enhanced, and amplified.

General Skilled Migration Process

To begin the process of securing a Skilled Migration Visa, please complete a FREE – NO OBLIGATION GENERAL ENQUIRY ASSESSMENT


For Visa Services in the United Kingdom our UK migration agent (Lesley) will also help you to navigate your pathway to Australia. She can be contacted on 074 8753 8231 (Further profile information can be seen in ‘MEET OUR UNITED KINGDOM AGENT’ on the ‘HOME’ page of our website. 


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