The Australian government prioritises certain medical professions.

One major hospital group alone Down Under has 500 vacancies.

The average wage for a Nurse in Australia is $79,094. Compared to the United Kingdom average of $62,050 (converted from £33,384), not only is the average Nurse salary over $17,000 more, there are other reasons to migrate Down Under such as;

1. Multiple Australian cities have been voted every year (independently by the Economist) as the top ‘Liveable Cities’ in the world. Melbourne was voted the winner in 2017, which was its 7th year in a row to do so.

2. The Australian economy is solid, and the Australian dollar has the reputation of being one of the strongest and safest currencies in the world.

3. All permanent residents can eventually qualify to become an Australian citizen, and Australia recognises dual citizenship.

4. Australia is also an attractive migration destination because of its temperate weather. Due to the huge size of the country, Australia has several different climate zones. There is a more tropical-influenced climate in the north, but cool mild summers in the south. CLICK HERE for specific city details.

5. The Australian education system provides free or subsidised primary, secondary and tertiary education.

6. The health system in Australia (Medicare) provides access to a wide range of health care services, free medical care in public hospitals and lower costs for prescription medicines, subsidised or free treatment by health professionals such as specialists, doctors, optometrists, and in specific circumstances other allied health practitioners such as dentists.

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