Australia is ready to take steps to safely reopen to the world, with changes coming to the international border in setting out the framework for how international travel will look in the coming months gathers pace.

Plans are that Australian families can be reunited, Australian workers can travel in and out of the country, and Australia can work towards welcoming tourists back.

Within weeks, large parts of the country will be moving to safely reopen Australia and to stay safely open (international travel is on track to reopen safely to fully vaccinated Australian travellers).

Many countries around the world have now safely reopened to international travel and it will shortly be time for Australia to take the next step.

To enable fully vaccinated Australians to travel, the Australian government is finalising new arrangements following the completion of home quarantine pilots in New South Wales and South Australia.

The Government’s intention is that once changes are made in November, the current overseas travel restrictions related to COVID‐19 will be removed and Australians will be able to travel subject to any other travel advice and limits, as long as they are fully vaccinated and those countries’ border settings allow.

Testing is expected to continue to be a requirement of international travel, but subject to further medical advice, Rapid Antigen Tests may be used.

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