NSW Skilled Nomination Visas

NSW is now nominating skilled nomination work (Provisional) visas for numerous Managers, Professionals, Technicians, Trade Workers, and Community and/or Personal Service Workers.

NSW has also introduced 3 new streams of nomination for the SC491 visa;

  • Stream 1 — Applicants living and working in Regional NSW
  • Stream 2 — Applicants who have recently completed studying in Regional NSW
  • Stream 3 — Applicants who are skilled in an occupation required in Regional NSW

Further Information

As you can see, this is a complicated process so please contact us at our UK office by telephone at 74 8753 8231 or by email with lesley@ascmigrationvisas.co.uk OR

At our Australian office by telephone 08 9301 5905 or by email with john@ascmigrationvisas.com.au OR

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