Nurses Urgently Needed in Australia?

Are you a qualified nurse? If so, please consider that the average nurse salary in Australia is $87,823 while most experienced workers make up to $121,997 per year?

Whilst in the United Kingdom for instance the average pay ranges from an entry level of $46,329, to a nurse with 20 + years’ experience who will earn $65,639.

Australia has always been the most appealing destination for nurses to build a successful career or to enjoy what Australia has to offer (such as, a great climate, a great environment and a great place to raise a family).

There are ample opportunities to be a part of the most trusted group of working professionals in the world and make a real difference in the life of vulnerable people

You could even apply to take a course in Nursing and give yourself not only the chance of Australian residency, but a Nursing qualification that will enhance your career.

An Enrolled Nurse qualification is a great place to start because it can be built upon (in Australia) and allow you to study for a ‘Bachelor of Nursing’. You could then build on that qualification by adding a ‘Master of Nursing’ to enhance your career further (and of course your earning potential) (the possibilities are endless).


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