Programmers and ICT Security Specialists

Programmers and ICT security specialists will get prioritised visa processing to enter Australia and bypass travel restrictions under an expansion of the skilled migration program.

22 new occupations were added to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (see yesterday’s post) and these new occupations include various Engineers, Multimedia and Security specialists, various Software and Application Programmers, and Social Workers.

Australia’s economy has fully recovered and now has less unemployment than before the Covid-19 pandemic began and Western Australia has had over 13 months of consecutive falls in the unemployment rate.

The Skilled Migration program is expected to vastly expand in the coming months and years, as the Australian economy continues to grow. Consequently, to become part of this growth and to begin your journey down under, please start with a Free Assessment by clicking HERE.

Once you complete and lodge your submission, we will assess your immigration eligibility.

ASC Migration are visa processing specialists who will guide you every step of the way and we have experts in the United Kingdom and Australia at your disposal.

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