Visa Cancelled or Refused?

You may be subject to section 48 of the Migration Act 1958  which imposes limitations if the applicant’s substantive visa has been refused or cancelled while in Australia or the applicant does not currently hold a substantive visa. This provision (the s48 bar) prevents them from applying from most other Australian visas while in Australia and can ramifications on their ability to remain in Australia legally.



If the applicant is subject to the s48 bar, they can still apply for a limited number of substantive visas while in Australia. These includes:

  • Child visas
  • Partner visas
  • Protection, Territorial Asylum or Border visas
  • Medical treatment visas
  • Bridging visas
  • Resolution of Status visas

Getting Assistance

Ensure you speak to an Immigration Law Specialist if you need immigration advice and/or assistance, At ASC Migration and we’d be happy to help. Please contact us on (08) 9301 5905 or simply email us at

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