International Student Visas

Studying in Australia is rewarding as some of the worlds best universities are here, and overall, Australia has one of the best education infrastructures in the world also.

In comparison to some countries, course fees are very competitive for studying in Australia, but it pays to shop around, as the courses you are keen for, and the eligibility of enrolment will vary from university to university.

Potential student visa applicants need to ensure they meet strict requirements to be granted a ‘Student Visa’ (such as, but not limited to, meeting the ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’ requirement and meeting ‘Financial Evidentiary Requirements’ etc.).

Our focus is to enhance your application and to ensure we make a strong case for visa grant by demonstrating that you meet all the Department of Immigration’s requirements and showing them that you are a genuine student. Additionally, and if required, careful attention will also be paid to any accompanying family members.