Regional Sponsored Visas

The opportunities that exist for individuals and families that are thinking of migrating to Australia are vast. Why not consider ‘Regional Australia’? And don’t be put off by the ‘Regional’ tag that might make you think it will be ‘Sparsely Populated’.

Regional Australia can be quite bustling in parts. For instance, the population of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is over 30,000 and this town is regarded as ‘Regional’ (so as you can see, it is far from being sparsely populated).

In reality every part of Australia with the exception only of the cities of Mebourne and Sydney are now regarded as ‘Regional’ (even the Gold Coast in Queensland and Perth in Western Australia are regarded as ‘Regional’).

Regional visas also have a five-year term and provide a pathway to permanent residence. Please select the ‘Regional Visas’ tab above to peruse the vast array of visa subclass categories and pathways available or complete a ‘General Enquiry’ (also available above) and we will assess your eligibility for free.