Australia is at, or near, technical full employment. However, Australian businesses currently need 500,000 people to fill vacant positions. The Australian government is actively promoting skilled professionals and tradespersons to address these shortages.


Approximately 200,000 – 300,000 of these vacant positions alone are available now in the ‘Construction Sector’ so….


Check this link to see if your skill is one of the Priority Migration Skilled Occupations These occupations are given processing priority because they fill critical skills needed to support Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19.


There are many other skilled occupation visas, such as the ‘Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS)’ visa. This is a visa that enables employers to address labour shortages Australia-wide.




The ‘Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (SESR) Visa’ This provisional visa enables regional employers to address identified labour shortages within their region by sponsoring skilled workers, and it leads to permanent residency.




The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Visa’. This visa lets skilled workers, who are nominated by their employer, live and work in Australia permanently. You can apply for this visa directly or transition from a provisional visa.




If you do not have a ‘Formal Qualification’ pertaining to any of the occupations on this list please do not lose faith. Because if you are you motivated enough to obtain a recognised trade or professional skilled qualification in Australia in as little as 2 years whilst working part-time we can help.


Check out our ‘Student Visas’ page for further information about the courses offered from any of our ‘Preferred Partners’ listed. Because if you are interested in a recognised qualification in  ‘Construction’, ‘Civil Engineering’, ‘Electronics’, ‘Digital Media’, ‘Accounting’, ‘Nursing’, ‘Hospitality’ or becoming a ‘Chef’ please contact us now (Awarded qualifications are fully recognised by the Department of Home Affairs).


ASC Migration are visa processing specialists, and we have a team of experts in the United Kingdom and Australia at your disposal right now.


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