Monthly Archives: March 2022


Australia’s unemployment rate fell once again to only 4% (the lowest rate since 2008) which has been rated by ‘Sky News’ Business Editor Ross Greenwood as  “significantly better” than what was anticipated.

Coupled with the other great news today that there are nearly 400,000 vacant jobs available Australia-wide (which is an increase of 18.5% since August 2021) and the future looks very promising for further economic growth.

A sample of some job vacancies are, Registered Nurses – 17,859 needed, Secondary School Teachers – 8,716 needed, IT and Computer professionals – 8,405 needed, Electricians – 8,021 needed, Carpenters – 6,812 needed, Metal Fitters – 6,335 needed, Plumbers – 5,861 needed, Motor Mechanics – 5,205 needed and there are many more…………

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