Australian Entrepreneur Visa for UK Citizens

Australian Entrepreneur visa for UK residents

ASC Migration Visas will help UK Citizens to get Entrepreneur Visa in Australia!

Australia is very keen to attract global talent from UK to come and invest in their ideas in Australia. ASC Migration visas will help UK citizens get an entrepreneur visa, so they can come and start their business and grow here.

Temporary activity visa –

This is a temporary visa for starting entrepreneurs who want to come and develop their business activity in South Australia, as a part of the SISA Pilot.

Who all are eligible for this ?

  • People of the below industries are given preference by the Visa authority.
  • Medical technology and health.
  • Robotics
  • Film and media
  • Agritech, Food and wine
  • Cyber and digital security
  • Big data and blockchain


This is also a temporary business visa that allows successful entrepreneurs to start or own an existing business in Australia.
The innovation stream visa is valid for 4 years, and it allows the holder to apply for permanent residency after meeting the requirements of their visa for at least 2 years.

What are the basic requirements for stream visa?

The entrepreneur’s age must be less than 55 years. The entrepreneur must also be owning a successful business with good track record, earnings and must demonstrate a commitment to own a business in Australia. One also needs to provide an explained business proposal with their visa to show that they have enough resources to settle in Australia.


This is a permanent business visa which allows people of high caliber to come and invest, grow or start the businesses in Australia. To get this visa you need to get the sponsorship or territory / state government.


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